Shrimp Ramen Soup

One of our favorite meals as a family is ramen soup.  We normally go out to a local restaurant for it.  I tried making a chicken version of it a few weeks ago for our Journey to Japan and we loved it.  This past Sunday, it was chilly and I wanted something warming but not too heavy. I came up with this recipe for Shrimp Ramen Soup. Now, before you foodies come and attack me.  This is not traditional or authentic ramen.  This is an simplified version using ingredients that are relatively easy to find (though you may have to look around for the misoRead More →

Journey to Japan

Last week’s Venezuela Night was so much fun, that I couldn’t wait to do it again.  I’m going to try to do International Night every week, if possible.  This week, we went took a Journey to Japan. Japan has such a rich and diverse culture that there it was difficult to decide where to focus.  There are so many recipes, movies, books, crafts that it was a little tricky to narrow down things down.  Whereas I had to dig a little to find things to incorporate into our Venezuela Night, Japan was the opposite problem.  Too much to choose from.  But, unlike last week whereRead More →

International Night: Venezuela

My husband and I are trying to eat out less.  We were eating out 2-3 times a week.  Sometimes more.  As you can imagine, this had a serious impact on our budget (and our waistlines).  However, the prospect of cooking the same things night in and night out was … well … it was boring.  And, I miss going out to restaurants and trying new things.  So, I decided to institute International Night. Our first stop was Venezuela. Why Venezuela? I could give you a big long b.s. explanation, but really it was because my husband was being a wise ass.  I asked him whatRead More →

You may be asking yourself what popsicles have to do with Jetpacks.  Because, the book and activity this week were about Jetpacks, so you know, shouldn’t the recipe be about Jetpacks, too.  Um, yeah, no. Sorry. As I’ve said before, sometimes the recipes fit the book and activity and sometimes they don’t.  But, these Berry Vanilla Popsicles are so yummy I don’t think you will care.  If you are really hung up on staying with the theme, you could layer these so they look like rocket pops. These pops have me all nostaglic.  I remember making popsicles with my mom when I was little.  WeRead More →

Since Cinco de Mayo is on Saturday, I wanted to make something festive.  But, I since I already shared a yummy taco recipe with you a few weeks ago, I decided to do something a little different.  This fruit salsa is a refreshing and delicious snack for a hot day. It’s great way to use up fruit that is nearing the end of its life.  Or to use up all those berries we are going to be harvesting in a month or so. I let my son use his new knife set to help make these.  He did a pretty good job cutting up aRead More →

Since this week is all about Mother’s Day, I decided to make something for me.  But, what would be a good recipe.  My son told me that my favorite food is “Salad.” Yeah, not sure where he got that from.  I like salad but it is no way my favorite.  Obviously, my favorite food is cookies. I like to have my cookies with a nice cup of tea.  So, crumbly and buttery are the best, especially shortbread. I love shortbread.  It’s so decadent but also incredibly easy to make. Basic shortbread has only 4 ingredients – butter, flour, sugar, and cornstarch.  I added some salt,Read More →

If you give a Mom a cookie, she’s going to want it warm, fresh out of the oven. When she’s done, she’ll ask for another.  Then she will complain that she’s fat.  She will wait a couple hours and then have a third. Soon, all the cookies will be gone. And she will be sad. But, then she will remember that she put half the batch in the freezer, ready to bake another day. Maybe I don’t have a future in writing children’s books. But, these chocolate chip cookies are so good, I don’t really care about anything else. I used my favorite chocolate cookieRead More →

If you have read “Your Alien” you will understand why I chose this recipe for this week.  It was either casserole or couch cushions. I think the casserole was the better choice.  My son may disagree. This is a basic Chicken and Stuffing Casserole that I make quite often for my family.  There are a bunch of ways to make it, but this is my version.  To make it a little more kid-friendly, I put the stuffing into a muffin pan instead of a casserole pan.  Not only is this more fun for kids to eat, but helps with portioning if you are on aRead More →

Like I said the other day, I’m crazy busy this week.  Not only am I preparing for Easter, but my husband is working nights (which means he’s home during the day, which of course throws everything off), and I somehow scheduled 2 play dates for Wednesday! One is in the morning and the other is in the afternoon, but it’s going to be insane.  Luckily, I’m not hosting either of them.  It is still at least 2 hours out of the house, plus drive time. Most of my real Easter prep will be done Thursday morning when my son is in preschool.  Thank goodness forRead More →

Is it Spring? The calendar says its mid-March but it looks like Mid-December outside.  No wonder I’m having trouble focusing on Easter this year.  It feels like Christmas!  Ugh! But, it is still Easter season, so I am going to give you an Easter dessert you can make with your littles. This is an easy, no bake dessert that would be perfect to serve on Easter or a Tuesday. Key lime pie is one of my favorite desserts of all time.  Which is weird because there’s no chocolate in it at all!  But, I love the creamy, tart filling and the crunchy, sweet cookie crust.Read More →