Let's Get Physical

Plus a Recipe and a free SVG! Last week, I shared my well intentioned attempt to get organized with a planner. I’m still working on that one. But, my second resolution was to get fit (or physical if you must). Something you should know about me, I hate to exercise. I hate sweating and hate running. Being sore and out of breath sucks. It just does. But, I do love cookies. And pastries. And cheese. I also tend to eat when I’m sad/depressed. And, since last year sucked, that resulted in me gaining more weight than I’m happy with. I need to get rid ofRead More →

  The dinosaurs are coming!  It’s almost Dinovember and I’m so excited.  I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with some new ideas for our mischief making dinosaurs. Here are 30 ideas to keep you going all month long. What is Dinovember? Have you heard of Dinovember? It was started by Refe and Susan Tuma a few years ago.  In this high tech and skeptical world today, it is important for kids to have a sense of magic.  Why is that so important?  Because it sparks the imagination and allows children to believe that anything is possible.  That spark could leads to innovation inRead More →

Journey to Japan

Last week’s Venezuela Night was so much fun, that I couldn’t wait to do it again.  I’m going to try to do International Night every week, if possible.  This week, we went took a Journey to Japan. Japan has such a rich and diverse culture that there it was difficult to decide where to focus.  There are so many recipes, movies, books, crafts that it was a little tricky to narrow down things down.  Whereas I had to dig a little to find things to incorporate into our Venezuela Night, Japan was the opposite problem.  Too much to choose from.  But, unlike last week whereRead More →

The Book This week, I had the pleasure and honor of reading an advanced copy of an adorable new book that will be available soon.  Everyone meet Chicken Lips by Kristy Hamby and Marianella Aguirra! This adorable story is about a playful, little calf who wants to know why he was named “Chicken Lips”.  It’s such a silly name, especially since chickens don’t even have lips! He wants answers! So, he goes around the farm and asks the different animals if they know why the farmer gave him such a silly name.  No one has the answers, but everyone gets a chuckle.  He loses hope thatRead More →

Father’s Day is only two weeks away!   If you are like me, you are still recovering from Mother’s Day.  But, yup, Father’s Day is coming which means you need a cool Father’s Day Gift DIY.  Lucky for you, I have a cute book and gift idea for you. The Book This week’s book is Pirate’s Lullaby by Marcie Wessels and Tim Bowers. This is a slightly different Father’s Day book.  It isn’t overtly about Dad.  It’s not like “I Love You Daddy” or “Guess How Much I Love You” which are both lovely books and very sentimental. Pirate’s Lullaby is a swash buckling bedtime storyRead More →

I don’t know about you, but I just have lost all motivation this week.  Maybe it’s the holiday weekend that just passed, throwing everything off schedule. Maybe it’s the dreary weather that we’ve been dealing with since, I don’t know, April?  Or maybe it’s because I’m jacked up on fertility meds and have no energy or patience anymore. Whatever the reason, I’m having trouble getting these posts out to you.  For that, I’m sorry.  It also doesn’t help that my son has had no interest in doing any activities with me lately.  He just wants to play outside. Can’t blame him for that.  So, thisRead More →

This week’s post was inspired by one of the coolest cats I know. We were introduced to “Pete the Cat” earlier this year.  He was our first Scholastic Book order.  Do you remember the Scholastic Book Club?  I loved it.  I would pour over that thin little catalog every time and circle at least 10 books each month.  My parents rarely refused to buy us books, so most times they let me get at least one. And, then, a few weeks later, after I had forgotten all about it, my teacher would hand out the books at the end of class.  It was the greatestRead More →

Book This week’s book is a fun story we picked up at the local library.  If You Had a Jetpack by Lisl Detlefsen and Linzie Hunter is so much fun.  It’s about a bored little rabbit who decides to build a jetpack, just as something to do. He’s a very clever little rabbit.  He also has to build one for his pesky little brother. They show off their inventions at school and take a trip to Nana’s house.  The clever little rabbit even goes into space and saves Astronauts on the space station. Which, of course, earns him some accolades back on Earth.  He has lotsRead More →

Cinco de Mayo is a fun day to celebrate.  There’s lots of colors, flavors, and activities to explore surrounding it.  Truth be told, it is another of those “holidays” that I never game much thought to before I became a mom.  I don’t drink and hate crowds, so I usually tried to avoid going out that day or the weekend surrounding it.  But, kids make everything fun. I actually have a dilemma every year.  Do I celebrate Cinco de Mayo or Star Wars Day (May 4)?  Two years ago, I hosted a big Star Wars Day playdate for all my mom friends and their littleRead More →

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  We don’t make a big deal out of it around our house.  My son has been too young to really understand it.  But, this year I think will be different.   He’s a Preschooler now, so he really gets holidays.  However, I wonder if he will get that this one is about giving gift to me, not to him. *This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. The Book This week’s book celebrates moms.  It is Time for a Hug by PhillisRead More →