Hooked on Macrame

I don’t know how to say this, but I have an addiction.  It started a couple weeks ago, innocently enough. A feather here. A dream catcher there. I was hooked on Macrame.  And, I want to get you hooked, too. That’s why I’m sharing a super easy Macrame Teether pattern.  

If you are like me, when you first hear the word macrame, images of yellow owls and jute plant hangers with gaudy beads comes to mind. But, modern macrame is so much more.  Fiber artists and crafters have taken up this art and reinvented it.  

Today’s macrame is simply beautiful.  And, it’s being used in so many ways. While many do gorgeous wall hangings with layers of fringe and intricate knots, I find smaller projects are best for the beginner. 

That’s what is so perfect about this project.  It’s small and easy. And, it’s something every mother of an infant needs. Perfect gift for a shower or to tuck in a little one’s first stocking. It took me less than an hour to make it.  Plus, you only need 2 things to make it both of which can be bought in bulk on Amazon or Michael’s for around $10.

Let’s get started!


Here’s what you need:

  • Cotton Kitchen Twine 
  • 55mm wooden ring
  • clipboard (optional but recommended)
  • measuring tape or your arms


I’m going to do my best to walk you through all these knots, but if you get confused, try this site for clarification.  Olga gives great pictorials for all the basic knots. 

Cutting and Lark’s Head Knot

  1. Cut your kitchen string into eight pieces, about 4-5 ft long. I use my arms to measure, but you can also use a tape measure.
  2. Gather your strings and fold them in half. 
Please excuse my messy living room.

3. Loop the strings around the wooden ring. Then pull the strings through your loop. Pull tight.  You just created a Lark’s Head Knot. This is the most basic macrame knot and is used for attaching strings to rods, rings, etc. It’s almost always the first step of any macrame project. 

Double Half Hitch Knots

4. Clip your ring to a clipboard or other surface so that it doesn’t move around on you. Separate the strings down the middle into two sets of 8. 

5. We are going to two sets of Double Half Hitch Knots going in a diagonal from the center. If you ever made friendship bracelets as a kid, this is the know you used. We will start with the left side. Take the first two strings in the middle. Lay the first one over the the second. 

Bring the bottom string up and through the center loop. Pull tight and repeat with the same strings. 

6. Using the same starting string, continue tying Double Half Hitches across the rest of the strings. Keep the string on a diagonal. 

7. Repeat on the the Right side, starting in the center again. You will be tying the knots going in the opposite direction, which can hurt your brain a bit, but I find if I don’t think about it, it’s easier. 

Square Knot

Now you have an inverted “V” on your clipboard. We are going to tie a Square Knot in the middle-ish of the “V”. 

8. Find the 8 middle strings. Push the others out of the way so you don’t get confused.  Place the two strings on the far left so that it lays across the four  in the center. It should look like a number 4. Place the last strings on top.

Now, bring the right strings under the center strings and up through the loop on the left.  Pull tight. 

9. We are going to do the same thing again, but in the opposite direction.  Make a backward 4, lay the left two strings across the top.  Then bring the left strings under and through the right loop.  Tighten.

More Double Half Hitch Knots

10. Starting on the outside this time, make double half hitch knots on a diagonal towards the center of the piece.  Repeat on the other side. 

11. Finish the “v” by tying a final double half hitch knot using the center two strings.  It doesn’t matter which direction you go in. 

Finishing Knot

12. To finish the piece, we are going to tie a square knot and a half square knot. Separate the strings into four sections, each with four strings each. Tie a square knot like described above, only using 4 strings instead of 2 . Then, do just the first step of the square knot. 

13. Trim off the ends so they are even. Your teether is now finished. 

Macrame Baby Teether DIY


  1. I have honestly never considered macrame until now. But you make it look easy and relaxing! Perfect for mommy self care!

  2. Lol! ‘I find if I don’t think about it, it’s easier’ – my life motto 😁 Also, I know this is for a human child, but my cat would love it 😻 I’ve not tried macrame yet but it might be on my list now!

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