I don’t know about you, but I just have lost all motivation this week.  Maybe it’s the holiday weekend that just passed, throwing everything off schedule. Maybe it’s the dreary weather that we’ve been dealing with since, I don’t know, April?  Or maybe it’s because I’m jacked up on fertility meds and have no energy or patience anymore. Whatever the reason, I’m having trouble getting these posts out to you.  For that, I’m sorry.  It also doesn’t help that my son has had no interest in doing any activities with me lately.  He just wants to play outside. Can’t blame him for that.  So, thisRead More →

So, you have all these beautiful berries, either from the market or from the field.  Now what do you do with them all?  You can just eat them, of course.  But, you could also make this beautiful Berry Berry Cream Tart. This is the perfect recipe for the Summer, especially with all of the patriotic holidays.  It’s red, white, and blue after all. It would be a hit at any picnic. I baked the crust for this tart, but you don’t have to.  It will be a little crumbly but still delicious. I also recommend keeping it refrigerated until right before serving.  It will holdRead More →

This week’s post was inspired by one of the coolest cats I know. We were introduced to “Pete the Cat” earlier this year.  He was our first Scholastic Book order.  Do you remember the Scholastic Book Club?  I loved it.  I would pour over that thin little catalog every time and circle at least 10 books each month.  My parents rarely refused to buy us books, so most times they let me get at least one. And, then, a few weeks later, after I had forgotten all about it, my teacher would hand out the books at the end of class.  It was the greatestRead More →

  Have you been in this position?  You’re kid starts preschool, gymnastics, swim lessons, whatever and all of a sudden they want to play at Emma’s house or  want them to play at your house. That means you have to talk to their moms.  Setting up a playdate with a new mom is like asking a guy out on a date.  You keep pushing it off, hoping that they will ask you instead. Sometimes they do, but most of the time you have to take the initiative and ask them yourself.  It’s anxiety inducing, especially if you are an introvert like me. Here are someRead More →

Summer is just about here.  The days are getting warmer and longer.  School’s letting out. Days are longer. It’s hot. Did I mention the days are getting longer? I figured you could use a little Summer Survival Guide to help you figure out how to fill those extra hours. Don’t get me wrong.  I love Summer.  It’s my favorite season.  There’s so much to do.  We can literally spend the entire day outside.  All that fresh air wears the boy out pretty good, too, so he sleeps better. And since I’m SAHM, I really don’t see much difference between the seasons other than the weather. Read More →

You may be asking yourself what popsicles have to do with Jetpacks.  Because, the book and activity this week were about Jetpacks, so you know, shouldn’t the recipe be about Jetpacks, too.  Um, yeah, no. Sorry. As I’ve said before, sometimes the recipes fit the book and activity and sometimes they don’t.  But, these Berry Vanilla Popsicles are so yummy I don’t think you will care.  If you are really hung up on staying with the theme, you could layer these so they look like rocket pops. These pops have me all nostaglic.  I remember making popsicles with my mom when I was little.  WeRead More →

Book This week’s book is a fun story we picked up at the local library.  If You Had a Jetpack by Lisl Detlefsen and Linzie Hunter is so much fun.  It’s about a bored little rabbit who decides to build a jetpack, just as something to do. He’s a very clever little rabbit.  He also has to build one for his pesky little brother. They show off their inventions at school and take a trip to Nana’s house.  The clever little rabbit even goes into space and saves Astronauts on the space station. Which, of course, earns him some accolades back on Earth.  He has lotsRead More →

If you are a subscriber you are already enjoying my Mix and Match Spring Meal Plan. If you aren’t a subscriber, then do it now so you can get next month’s meal plan (and all the other fun stuff I send out to VIPs).  New mix and match meal plans will go out to subscribers once a month or so (I’m a mom to a toddler, so if it’s been more than a month, just remind me). I don’t know about you, but I suck at doing a weekly meal plan.  Until very recently, I didn’t even do them.  Dinner was whatever I could throwRead More →

Since Cinco de Mayo is on Saturday, I wanted to make something festive.  But, I since I already shared a yummy taco recipe with you a few weeks ago, I decided to do something a little different.  This fruit salsa is a refreshing and delicious snack for a hot day. It’s great way to use up fruit that is nearing the end of its life.  Or to use up all those berries we are going to be harvesting in a month or so. I let my son use his new knife set to help make these.  He did a pretty good job cutting up aRead More →