When I was planning this week’s lesson, I instantly knew I had to do something with bananas. The mouse drags a banana behind him throughout the entire book, so it was kind of a no-brainer. I thought about banana muffins or bread, but I only had one sad little black banana in my freezer.  Bananas are a strange thing in our house.  Either my son can’t stop eating them or he can’t stand the look of them.  We only get the overripe bananas when we are going into a no banana phase.  Then, I stop buying them for a few weeks until my sonRead More →

This is my 4th week writing this blog.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed doing it.  I’m still learning the ropes of blogging and trying to figure out what works and doesn’t work. I appreciate you all coming along for the journey. In the past, I was doing three separate posts, but I’ve decided to combine the Book and Activity posts into one.  Honestly, a lot of these books are fairly simple, so writing an entire post on them can be difficult.  Especially, with this books “Good Night, Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann.  The book has, maybe, 20 words in it. Read More →

I try to vary the types of activities I plan for my little man.  He loves STEM experiments and crafts, but there are other areas we need to develop.  Pretend play or imaginative play is very important for child development. Imaginative play allows children to explore the adult world, work out emotions, and develop social skills, just to name a few benefits. It is a crucial area of life and one that is often neglected or dominated by outside influences. I don’t know how many times, working as a secondary caregiver, I witnessed parents telling their children that they weren’t playing with a toy theRead More →

                                      Yeah, you knew this was coming.  What else would I make this week?  Banana bread?  Obviously, tacos were a necessity. I don’t know about you, but reading this book makes me crave tacos. When they go over the perfect taco checklist, I salivate just a little. So, this week, we are making yummy chicken tacos.  This is a pretty basic recipe.  It’s incredibly simple, that I don’t know if it actually qualifies as an actual recipe.  (but, then I’ve seen “recipes” for peanut butter on apples,Read More →

Have you heard? Dragons love tacos! They love chicken tacos and beef tacos. They love all kinds of tacos, except spicy tacos.  If you have this book, then you know all about how much dragons love this delectable Mexican treat.  If you aren’t familiar with the Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri go to Amazon and get it now.  You will not be disappointed. Trust me. I think my husband and I like it as much as our son does. The story is nerdy and quirky in the best way.  It is a very contemporary style book.  The narrator speaks directly toRead More →

All this talk of marmalade and Paddington this past week had me thinking about marmalade and jams.  How could I make a grown up version of Paddington’s favorite spread?  I went onto trusty old Pinterest to see what ideas were out there.  I could have made a homemade version of the traditional orange marmalade. But, I already have a big jar of the store bought stuff and really need to use that before making more. Besides, orange marmalade is kind of summery and bright. But, its cold and yucky out right now.  I need something that fits the season and my mood. So, I stumbledRead More →

The thing about Paddington is that he has a very iconic look. Red floppy hat, blue toggle coat. Little suitcase and a tag that says “Please Look After This Bear”. When you think of Paddington, a clear picture comes to mind. This makes crafting him super easy, especially since his clothes are primary colors. This activity is very easy. You can add more details for older kids, or fewer for littler kids. I cut out all the shapes, but only because we couldn’t find the safety scissors. Definitely, let your child cut out the shapes, if you are comfortable doing so. Here are really theRead More →

This recipe comes to you from my 96 year old aunt, Rainy.  When she moved into an assisted living space a few years ago, she let me have her recipe boxes.   She loved to entertain, so they are crammed with interesting things, though some are definitely very vintage.  This one, titled “Dainty Tea Cookies”, seemed like the perfect base for Paddington’s Bearprint Cookies.  It is a very simple recipe. And only 6 ingredients (7 if you add salt)!  They bake up quick and yummy.  They are great with a glass of milk or a cup of tea. If you are familiar with Paddington, you know thatRead More →

I’m sure you know all about Paddington.  He’s kind of a big deal right now with a new movie and what-not.  Did you know he is one of the Top 3 Classic Bears from Children’s literature?  Okay, maybe I made that up.  But, I’m pretty sure he is.  The ranking would go: Pooh Paddington Corduroy Just saying. These are may favorite bears but to be honest Paddington and Corduroy are the only ones I actually remember having read to me as a child. I didn’t read Winnie the Pooh until I was in Fourth Grade. But, he is the first classic bear to come toRead More →

  Welcome to Mommy’s Corner.  This is a space where I hope to share recipes, books, crafts, and other things geared towards you.  I’m going to try to coordinate the recipes and activities to go along with the kids version, but let’s face it, that won’t always happen.  Sometimes, I will just post what I want because I can.  And coordinating everything makes my head hurt.  This may be evident in the kids section, too. It’s hard to find a perfect activity and recipe that go with a book and my that my kid will actually do.  So, some weeks, the activities or recipes mayRead More →